X-Force: Fight For Destiny

X-Force: Fight For Destiny 1.0

X-Force is a game where the player defends the earth
1.0 (See all)

X-Force is a game in the style of the old classics UFO: Enemy Unknown, XCOM: Terror from the Deep and XCOM: Apocalypse, where the player defended the earth with a military organization against an invasion from outer space. These classic weres at their time a unique mixture of research, strategy and tactics -- a mixture which hasn't been imitated very often since then.

The game consists essentially of three parts. Those is the organization, the geoscape and the tactical part. The player manages restricted resources in the organization part for the defense against the extraterrestrial attackers. He decides what the scientists investigate, what technicians build and what shall be bought for his restricted credits.

The equipment of the airplanes and soldier is specified just the same as the construction of other bases and new facilities here -always provided that the countries of the earth see successes to finance the X-Force further.

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